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Taboo Sex Stories

By Evie

February 19, 2021

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Taboo Sex Stories

If you search for taboo sex stories on the internet, you will find hundreds of them. The most common three results are incest, bestiality and underage sex.

But "taboo" not only means different things to different people, there are also huge differences across cultures and the meaning has changed profoundly throughout human history.

So, the very first issue is defining what we mean by "taboo".

It's difficult because it means so many different things to different people. At least when it comes to sex.

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The Incest Taboo

Evie and Jamie Incest Sex

For example, most people would think of incest as taboo and it is illegal in most jurisdictions, accompanied by severe penalties.

It is, however, legal in Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, China and France (just to name 5 countries). There are several others. Including Japan. And of course, there's even been a term coined for sexual relations between twins, namely "twincest".

The incest taboo is societal, not natural. There is no automatic block in the animal world towards sex between father and daughter, mother and son or between siblings.

In fact, breeders often mate closely related pairs in order to reinforce a desired characteristic.

Which brings us to the risk of defects in children, which can be higher when the parents are closely related. For many incestuous couples, this is simply not an issue. They have no desire to get married. They just want to fuck someone they love, know and trust and, if they are still living at home, is simply always there. Siblings sometimes use relationships with each other as a safe way of learning about sex. And with modern contraception available, pregnancy isn't an issue. This removes the only rational prohibition against incest.

So maybe it's time incest between consenting adults was decriminalized. Maybe it would then figure less prominently in taboo sex stories.

Please check out Incest Sex Stories. It will open in a new tab, so you won't lose your place here.

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Same Sex Relationships

Lesbian Sex Stories 400

Until recently, same sex relationships were considered taboo and still are in many jurisdictions, to the extent that local populations will set traps for suspected "perverts" and punish or even kill them if caught. Yet in other jurisdictions, not only have same sex relations been decriminalized but same sex marriages can now take place, with no legal difference between them and heterosexual marriages. And guess what? The predicted collapse of society as we know it just hasn't taken place.

It can be instructive to examine the legal language that is sometimes used. In Australia (which has since legalized same-sex marriage) the relevant act used to refer to "the abominable crime of buggery".

This, of course, assumed that same sex relationships were between gay men and involved anal penetration. It is said that under UK law passed during Queen Victoria's reign, sex between men was illegal but there was no law against sex between women because of the impossibility of explaining to Queen Victoria (who had to sign all legislation into effect) what it was that lesbians actually did!

When it first made its appearance, AIDS was defined as a gay man's disease because it was most commonly transmitted by semen entering the bloodstream. One state politician (who was also a pastor at his local church, naturally) declared it as God's punishment of "unnatural" gay sex. Pity his god wasn't smart enough to prevent millions of women and children contracting it as well. An African dictator made it impossible for his country's citizens to seek treatment for AIDS by declaring that his country was free of it because it "didn't have any homosexuals".

At least AIDS brought condoms into the mainstream.

Under Age Sex

Most places have taboos against sex with children, but what defines a child? At one extreme, it's under 11 (Nigeria) and at the other under 21 (Bahrain) with everything in between, from 12 in the Philippines to 20 in South Korea.

Many people believe that the only criteria to be applied should be the question of consent. With individual cases considered on their merits, rather than trying to apply a blanket age.

I know that when I was 15, I would have been outraged at the suggestion that I wasn't old enough to know what I was consenting to.

Anal Sex

Anal Sex Drawing

Once taboo, anal sex has entered the mainstream for both men and women.

According to a new study published in The Journal of Sexual Medicine, one in three heterosexual women have tried anal sex at some point in their lives.

The study analyzed sex data from the National Survey of Family Growth and specifically looked at a nationally representative sample of 10,463 straight, sexually active women between the ages of 15 and 44. 37% had tried anal sex, which could be described as a "significant minority".

Interestingly, women in their twenties who had no religious affiliation and higher levels of income and education were the most likely to try anal.

For my personal first anal experience, go to First Time Sex Stories and read My First Anal: #5 in First Time Sex Stories.


It's not that long ago that masturbation was considered a taboo subject. Then the Kinsey Report (around 1950) showed that almost everyone (males and females) "did it". Now everyone understands that it's perfectly normal and a Google search will bring up articles explaining techniques to get the best result.

There even used to be an urban myth that excessive masturbation caused blindness. This was a classic case of confusing cause and effect. Given that in those days, plenty of busybodies (including parents) tried to catch other people masturbating, blind people were more likely to be caught. For obvious reasons. Duh!

The Bestiality Taboo

Bestiality Human Goat Hybrid Demon 400

There are few taboos that will generate violent disgust among large sections of the population than zoophilia or bestiality (often miss-spelled as beastiality). But for the most part it's a victimless crime. Its most common expression is a male dog fucking a human female, with both being enthusiastic participants. So absolutely no coercion involved.

Bestiality is illegal almost everywhere. But not everywhere. I've listed some of the exceptions below.

But why is it illegal, and why does it generate such revulsion?

The answer, like so much that involves rules that control people and what they can and can't do, has its origin in religious practices and beliefs. There are two aspects to this:

  1.  Before Charles Darwin's Origin of Species and our understanding of evolution, everyone believed that there was a clear and complete differentiation between humans and animals. Humans had souls, animals didn't. Humans were made in God's image and given dominion over the animal kingdom, so sex between a human and an animal was an affront to God.
  2.  With no knowledge of DNA or chromosome pairs, people believed that sex between a male animal and a human female was how demons were created. And the most common domestic animal back then was the goat. That's why demons are almost always depicted as human-like but with horns. We know now that this is impossible. We cannot interbreed with even our closest primate relatives, chimps and benobos.

Countries where bestiality is not illegal include Japan, Madagascar, Angola, Mozambique, Chile, Argentina, Hungary and the US state of Wyoming.

In Jamaica, it's legal for foreigners, so presumably a big part of the tourist trade! Lol.

Many countries simply have no laws addressing the issue and others have severe penalties.

Most countries have animal protection laws that would apply if an animal was being forced or hurt in the process.

Defining Taboo Sex Stories

So really the only workable definition of "taboo" is any sexual practice that I personally don't agree with.

So here are some of my personal taboo sex stories:

Incest Taboo Sex Stories

Mother Son Incest Sex Stories

I have had sex with my younger brother when I was eight and again when I was twenty seven, my cousin when I was eight and my uncle when I was eleven. Thank God I never had anyone to persuade me when I was older that I had been abused and should be both outraged and guilty about it. The fact is that I enjoyed every moment of it all and regard them as important steps in my sexual awakening.

But I'd like to tell you about Chloe, a friend of mine. We were both in our early thirties and she had a fifteen year old son, whom she'd had at seventeen. Like so many in her situation, she was a single mom. Unlike some, she'd managed to resume her studies after giving birth and was now an associate in a law firm.

She told me her story because she was concerned, needed to talk to someone she trusted and that was me.

Her son was a good looking boy who has inherited his Mom's reddish blonde hair and his now absent Dad's athletic physique.

He was good at sports but a miscalculation had left his right arm broken in two places. It was in plaster and he'd been told to keep it immobile and dry.

I'm going to tell you her story as she told it to me. Obviously, I can't remember it word for word, but I do remember the gist of it.


I think I was just lonely. I'd got pregnant at 16 and, other than getting my law degree, had devoted my life to bringing up Max as best I could. Now he was 15, almost a grown man, and I loved him dearly. As a lot of moms do, I was aware that my son was physically attractive.

His broken arm was bothering him and I knew he had trouble getting to sleep. I'd given him a couple of my strong pain killers around 2am and now, 5 hours later, I opened his bedroom door quietly to check that he was comfortable and asleep.

Morning Wood

He was both. But he was also lying naked on top of the sheets, sporting morning wood.

I should have backed out but I didn't. I was rooted to the spot. Except for a brief, unsatisfactory fling with a fellow law student, I hadn't seen or touched a man's penis in the last 15 years.

And a man's penis it was.

Look, I wasn't about to run a tape measure over it, but it looked to be over 7" long, hard and thick. Max was circumcised and his round knob was smooth and firm looking.  How good would that feel in my mouth? Fuck, what was I thinking?

I was pretty sure he wouldn't wake up easily, so I very quietly walked over to the side of his bed for a close look.

I must have stood there for 5 minutes, just looking. My nipples were hard and I was aware of the moisture between my legs. Guess my tits and cunt just didn't care that this was my son. All they saw was a hard cock.

Was I game to touch it? It was like I was watching another person's hand reach out slowly and hesitatingly until it was hovering above the head. Then I used two fingers to give it a very gentle little squeeze.

Max groaned and in a panic I scooted out of the room and closed the door as quietly as I could.

Oh my God. I rushed down to the kitchen, hand over my beating heart. What kind of a mother was I?

The kind who made breakfast for her son and herself and forgot all about his cock, that's what kind.

Max came down to breakfast, wearing gym shorts. t-shirt and, of course his sling and plastered arm.

Mom in Kitchen

When he came up behind me and threw his good arm around his Mom for a morning hug, I was suddenly conscious of two things:

I'd come down in such a hurry that I hadn't got changed. I was still wearing my blue nightie and, more significantly, nothing underneath it.

It barely covered my butt and when Max hugged me, I could swear that his cock was still hard and that I could feel it pressed up against me.

Was he aware of it? I didn't know. Maybe he was waiting for my reaction. I half turned and gave him a little smile to show him everything was ok.

Max pressed himself harder against me and said "I love you, Mom. You're so beautiful."

It was now or never. I reached behind me with one hand and gave his cock a squeeze and with the other moved his left hand onto my left breast so that he could feel the swollen nipple. "And you've become a man," I said. "You know, it's just us here, Max. We could do anything we liked."

"Do you mean...?"

"Yes I do," I said, turning carefully to avoid his broken arm and kissed him full on the lips. "Mommy has a lot to teach you."

"But first breakfast. And then a bath. We both need one."

How quickly I'd moved from ashamed and embarrassed to fully committed. Perhaps Max was thinking with his dick, but I was thinking with not just my clit, but my whole body. I was flushed all over.

We settled down a bit over breakfast. I think we were both unsure of exactly what was going to happen next but full of anticipation anyway.

"Go and run the bath, Max, while Mommy does the dishes."

Soon I could hear the bath running. It stopped just as I closed the dishwasher door and I went upstairs.

Max was just standing by the bath looking at it. "C'mon buddy," I said "get those clothes off and into the bath with you. Here, I'll help."

I very carefully pulled his t-shirt over his head and then peeled it off his plastered arm, pulling the sling off at the same time. He wasn't wearing an undershirt or shoes or, as I discovered as I pulled his gym shorts down, underpants.

Gosh, I realized I hadn't seen Max fully naked since he was little. Now he was taller than me and sporting a full hard-on.

"Sorry, Mom," he said, "I can't help it."

"It's perfectly natural, son," I replied. "Just like these." I felt so naughty as I slipped my shoulder straps off and shucked out of my nightie. Max stared at my erect nipples, then dropped his eyes to my bush. "Jesus, Mom," he croaked.

I understood that I was totally in charge here. "Get into the bath," I ordered "and lie on your back."

I soaped up my hands and gave Max a total clean up. I rubbed soap into his chest, his legs and his pubic hair. I soaped up the hair on his head and then rinsed it out. I soaped up his cock and gave it a thorough clean. "Does this ever go down?" I asked. "only after I cum," he replied, "which is gonna happen soon if you keep doin' that."

"Not yet," I said confidently.

Keeping his injured arm dry, I got Max to roll over onto his stomach so that I could wash his buttocks. His lovely, firm buttocks that I massaged as well as cleaned. His crack that I allowed myself to run a soaped up finger over while he gasped.

"Here, let me help you out of the bath and dry you down," I said. I held his good hand while he got out and then toweled him down. I'd dried off everything except his cock and balls when I knelt in front of him and at long last took that beautiful penis into my mouth. I don't know what he felt as he looked down at his own mother sucking him off while fondling his balls, but he definitely wasn't complaining.

Evie Fucking Max

But what I really needed was that cock inside me.

I took Max by the hand and led him into my bedroom. Got him to lie on his back. He didn't say a word as I straddled him, took hold of his rock hard cock and guided it into my pussy entrance. Then I put both hands on his shoulders, said "I love you so much, baby" and slid down until he was totally inside me.

And then I fucked him. Hard.

He lasted around half a minute. More than I expected actually. A look of panic came into his eyes. "Mom, I'm gonna cum. What should I do?"

"Nothing, baby." I was breathing hard. "Fill Mommy up."

Jesus, I wasn't even on the pill. But I just didn't care. I was totally overcome by lust for my own son. I was a bad, bad mother.

And as the thought passed through my head that my son was a motherfucker, I burst into giggles.

Which sort of broke the mood.

"What are you laughing at?" demanded Max, "Was I that bad?"

Ah, teenage boys. I'd forgotten how insecure Max could be. Still my little boy sometimes. Except, as I'd just experienced, not so little any more.

"No baby, you were fantastic. You made Mommy feel really, really good."

"I'm going to have a shower now. Clean yourself up and then, if you like, I'll teach you some things."

I've got to tell you, Eve, the rest of that first day was one of the most exciting in my life. I loved being the sex teacher.

The first thing I taught him was how to eat me out. I showed him where my clit was and how important it was to orgasm. He took to licking like he was born to it and soon enough I was screaming in orgasm. Max said that aside from cumming inside me, that was the best thing ever.

We fucked three more times that day, once in missionary and twice doggy style. I showed my son how he could give Mommy another orgasm by rubbing my clit while we enjoyed a doggy style fuck.

Finally, after he'd gone to bed, I gave him a proper blow job, let him cum in my mouth and swallowed it all down. Max is a fucking cum factory, Eve. Those balls of his must be working overtime.

He went to sleep almost straight away, but my night was filled with dreams of lust and guilt.

Every time I woke up, I was sopping wet.

I don't know what to do, Eve.

I'm a fucking lawyer for Christ's sake. I could go to jail and Max could be institutionalized. After counselling, of course, to fill him with guilt and regret and learn to hate his mother. She said this bitterly, having seen similar cases in her professional career.

You know I trust you, Eve. What do you think I should do?

"Jesus, Chloe, I'm sopping wet. Would you consider sharing him with me?"

Chloe looked horrified.

"Joking, joking," I clarified. Half true, at best. A 15 year old cock... mmm. "Just trying to lighten the mood."

"Look, you're not alone. You've met my little brother Jamie, do you remember?"

"Um, yes. Isn't he gay?"

"No, he's bi and I've had a threesome with him and his boyfriend du jour."

Chloe's mouth fell open and I added "So incest is not that rare. Threesomes are common. When I was Max's age, I gave a blowjob to my cousin's best friend. All good fun that hurt no one. It's the law that's the problem." Especially with Max being under age, I thought, though who was I to talk. "Let's look at the practical aspects. First, could you get pregnant?"

Chloe shook her head. "No, the first time I was exactly at the right time in my cycle not to get pregnant and I went onto the pill the very next day."

"OK then. Are you still doing it?"

"Every day. Often twice. Sometimes three times. I think we're addicted."

"Here's what I think you should do. First, sit down with Max for a serious talk. Explain that what you're doing is an expression of love and that you won't be the only ones. Tell him that you're enjoying it immensely but that, for his own future well being, he must find girls his own age to have sex with as well. You won't be jealous at all (even if that's not true) and that what he's learnt from you he'll be able to use with anyone. Second, make sure that he understands that society and the law doesn't see it that way. He mustn't tell anyone. Explain the consequences. And emphasize that don't tell anyone means just that. It doesn't mean tell someone but tell them not to tell anyone. That's really important."

"The other option is to move to Japan, where there's no law against incest and the age of consent is 13."

Chloe laughed. Then she cried and hugged me. I started massaging her breasts and she asked "Are you still wet, Eve?"

"I think so," I replied. "Would you like to check?"

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Bestiality Taboo Sex Stories

Chapter 11 of my autobiography Teachers Pet is titled Puppy Love.

In it, I tell you about my friend Liz. My friend Helen, Liz and I had worked through most of a bottle of chardonnay each and were in a True Confessions mood.

Liz's true confession shocked Helen and me into silence when she said with perfect calm “I’ve had sex with my dog!”

You'll need to read Teachers Pet to get all of the details of Liz's experience.

But the fact was I couldn't stop thinking about it afterwards. What would it be like?

Helen, Liz and I were an established trio.

I knew that Liz's dog Brutus had died some time ago and that she didn't talk about it, but I was friendly with another teacher at school, Bernadette. She was Irish Catholic. not an encouraging combination for what I had in mind. I'd been over to her place a couple of times and knew she had a lovely, friendly Golden Retriever named Danny Boy. I knew he wasn't neutered (Bernie had said "I couldn't do that to him") and she was totally unfazed when Danny Boy shoved his nose enthusiastically into my crotch. "Look at that," she said in her lilting Irish accent, "he likes you."

So next time I saw her at school, I managed to get an invite to her place on the weekend. "I'll bring a bottle of wine," I said, "and treats for Danny Boy."

Danny Boy

"We'd finished the wine I'd brought and Bernie opened another. She was an enthusiastic drinker.

I'd given Danny Boy some treats and I was his new best friend.

I was sitting on Bernie's sofa, which was quite low and Danny Boy showed how much he loved his best friend by sticking his nose into my crotch. I was just wearing a light summer dress and so it was just the thin material of my panties between my pussy and his nose.

Instead of pulling away, I slid forward and opened my legs a bit more. The dog wagged his tail appreciatively.

Bernie looked surprised. "You don't mind?"

Instead of answering directly, I said "I had a friend who used to have sex with her dog all the time. It started off with him licking her pussy."

"I don't suppose you've ever..." I let the sentence trail away, a hot blush coloring my cheeks. I thought maybe I'd just lost a fairly new friend. What was I thinking?

The silence stretched out. Bernie looked thoughtful. Not offended. As if she were coming to a decision.

She looked straight at me. "I let Danny Boy lick me out all the time. He can make me cum. And he's a great fuck. Would you like to try? I can help."

"Well," I said, my mouth dry, "it's something I want to try. So yes. And it would be great if you could help."

She called her dog over to her and he left me, reluctantly I thought. "Let's get your socks on, buddy," she said, pulling out two pairs of white socks from a sideboard drawer and fitting them over Danny Boy's paws. She fastened them with rubber bands.

"He doesn't mind?" I asked. "No, he knows what wearing them means. It means he's about to fuck me and the socks are so he doesn't accidentally scratch. Look underneath him." His pink cock was already starting to poke out of its sheath.

"Check its size." Bernie was totally without embarrassment as she took hold of her dog's sheath and pulled it right back to show me. "It's around six inches plus the knot," she said, while Danny Boy started humping. "Good dog," she praised him. Turning to me, "Now get naked and lie back with your legs open."

When I did, she said "Now I'm just going to get your scent for him" and dipped two fingers into my pussy. "Mmm... you're nice and wet. Ready for a big dog cock." I could tell Bernie was pretty excited too. I wondered if she'd done this before with another girl.

She stuck her fingers under Danny Boy's nose and then led him to my pussy. He gave it a tentative lick, which felt pretty good.

"He's not sure if he's allowed," said Bernie, "reach down and spread your lips." I did so and the dogs licking got more enthusiastic. My clit was erect and his tongue was now brushing it on every lick. His glorious, rough doggy tongue. It was wonderful. It was... Oh My God, it was orgasmic. I felt the familiar body spasm building up and then I was shuddering and screaming. Danny Boy was licking as hard as ever and Bernie, well Bernie had her shorts and knickers off, with one finger rubbing her clit and two others fully inserted.

I pushed the dog away as my clit was just too sensitive for his licking at the moment.

"Get onto your elbows and knees," instructed Bernie, who had now left her own pussy alone and was wearing just a tank top, "and find out why it's called doggy style."

"He'll lick you from behind first."

Which he did. Great, long sweeping licks that started with my pussy and finished at my butt-hole. Which he licked excitedly when he found it. It was like he was determined to get it thoroughly clean for me. I'd had guys rim me before, but Danny Boy's enthusiasm was at an entirely new level.

"OK, Eve, he's ready to mount you. Don't move about. Just let him find your cunt in his own good time. When he does, he'll spear you with his cock. It's much hotter than a man's and he'll start cumming as soon as he's inside you. There'll be a lot of it. As soon as he's inside you, his cock will grow to its full length. He'll thrust hard and then you'll feel his knot pushing at your entrance. I can stop it there if you like, but personally I love getting knotted. You feel totally full and it'll stay there for around ten minutes."

Sounded good to me. And it worked out just like she said. I felt a couple of stabs as he tried to find the hole and then he did. Next thing there was six inches of doggy cock inside me and it was being pumped in and out at jackhammer pace. It was an incredible sensation. I moaned, groaned and cried out. I could feel dog semen being pumped inside me and running down my thighs. Both his cock and his semen were much hotter than a man's. Bernie had her legs open in front of me and was thrusting a dildo in and out of herself. I realized that it was shaped like a dog's penis.

Danny Boy had stopped thrusting. I thought that was it for a moment, but then I felt some pain and realized he was attempting to push his knot inside me. No, not attempting, succeeding as with a sucking, plopping feeling it slipped inside me and any pain I'd been feeling disappeared.

Bernie had been right, I was so, so full.

She was cuddling her dog's head. "Good boy, good boy," she crooned. "No, stay... stay."

"He wants to go butt to butt with you," she explained. "That can hurt, so I'll just keep him here while his knot goes down. Should take around ten minutes.

And around ten minutes later, the dog pulled his knot and entire cock out of me. I felt the whole length fall out, while more cum dripped down my legs. The whole process had taken around forty minutes and I felt totally satisfied.

"Next time," said Bernie (and neither of us had any doubt there would be a next time) "I'll rub your clit and make you cum while you're knotted. I've done that and it's a great feeling."

"We're going to have so much fun."

Then she said "I've got an idea for a double date, if you're game."

This story is continued in Woman and Dog Sex.

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If you've enjoyed my taboo sex stories, you'll be knocked out by my autobiography. I tell you all about my sexual experiences growing up (and grown-up too!). You can get Chapters 1-6, either individually or as a series for just $2.99 a chapter at Amazon. Happy reading!

About the author

I was the Head of English at a prestigious private school in a capital city in Australia. I have been a teacher all my working life but took an early retirement at fifty. I have one son and two daughters. My son and one of my daughters are happily married and my younger daughter is in a stable relationship with her girlfriend following several temporary ones over the past few years. I have grandchildren.

My children think I am boring. I think my students admired me, perhaps some of them even loved me. They thought I was unadventurous.

My fellow teachers thought I was safe, dependable and conservative. Possibly sexless.

I am none of these things. I have done so much that my children, my students and my co-workers could not possibly imagine me capable of. I look at my children and think what safe, boring lives you have had. I cannot tell them what their mother has done with her life, but I don’t want to die with no record of it, as if it had never happened.

Sometimes I think I’m like that old lady in Titanic. You know, the one who turns out to have been Kate Winslett when she was young.

This is my story.

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  1. All I can say, Evelyn is that I am knocked out by your experiences and that I love your attitude.

    I wish I had tried half of the things you describe. Just reading about them has made me wet.

    If only everyone was as non-judgmental as you appear to be. I too played with my little brother at a young age but my Mum caught us and I was made to feel that I was the worst girl in the world. Not only that, but God hated me and that I would burn in Hell for my wickedness.

    And though I don't believe in any of that crap any more, I still feel traumatized by my Mum's reaction.

    I avoided my brother after that and haven't seen him for years. As a result of reading your article, I'm thinking of reconnecting with him. Would you mind if I sent him a link to your site? I can get his email address from our older brother.

    I've never thought of having dog sex, but I found your story really hot and arousing. I've since done an internet search for it. Gosh, there's a lot of it, isn't there? So many videos. If you ever make a video I'd love to see it.

    1. I’m really glad that you are enjoying my reminisces, Emma.

      I believe that you should be free to try anything you like, as long as:

      1. It doesn’t hurt anyone else.
      2. It doesn’t involve coercion.

      I did make some videos with a partner years ago and still enjoy bringing them out and watching them. It’s very arousing.

      You should reconnect with your brother. That doesn’t mean you should have sex with him, but don’t rule it out either 🙂

  2. Thanks for your advice, Evie. I'd like to know what you think about this:

    I find myself very (and I mean very) attracted to a friend of my son's. He's good looking boy, nicely built, smart and a good conversationalist, mature for his age.

    His age is the issue. He's only 14.

    But I fantasise about getting his clothes off, sucking his penis, teaching him how to 69 a woman, then climbing on top of him and fucking him senseless.

    I've noticed that he often has an erection when he's with me, especially if my son isn't around.

    I've never admitted this to anyone, but was inspired by your friend Chloe's story. Not that I'm attracted to my son that way. At all.

    1. When I was a cub scout leader, a long time ago, I was around 19 and I ended up having sex with one of the boys. Big for his age, he was nonetheless only 12 (almost 13).

      So I do understand the attraction.

      I hooked up again with this boy a couple of years later and I still remember both encounters fondly.

      You can read all about them in Teachers Pet Chapter 5: The Bush Camp and Chapter 8: Renewing a Friendship.

      It looks like the boy is attracted to you, but at his age you’ll need to make the first move, definitely when your son’s not around.

      You can be fairly blatant about it.

      Ask him if he’ll give you his opinion on something. Nip into your bedroom, but accidentally leave the door open while you change into a bikini.

      Come out and ask him what he thinks. Are you too old to be wearing something like this?

      If he seems to react positively, crowd into his space a bit, unclip the bikini top and take it off.

      What about these? Do you like these?

      Again, if the reaction is positive, move to would you like to touch them and then while he’s doing that, feel his cock through his shorts.

      It will all lead to a logical conclusion from there. Hope you’re on the pill!

    2. Hi i would just like to let you know that when i was very young i had several sexual encounters with older womaen ( some my friends mothers ) another a friend of the famliy who i used to baby sit for and she also came onto me anyway the main reason for this reply is i loved it i loved the attention i loved the sex it was great and got my heart beating really hard and fast knowing that i wasnt really meant to be doing this and if i got caought i would be in big trouble, i would advise going for it if the boy is in the same mind frame



      1. I’ve had sex with a few young boys and it was great. I enjoyed being in the role of teacher and loved their quick recovery time. You have to be so careful of the law, though.

  3. All of these different pieces of legislation all over the world are just nonsense.

    There should be just one sexual taboo and that's coercive control.

    You don't have sex with someone unless they want you to.

    Most (all) taboos are out of date and/or based on nonsense religious control.

    While sex has clearly evolved for continuation of the species, it's a fact that for most of the time it's for recreational pleasure, with reproduction a separate, conscious choice.

  4. You hardly come across stories like this on the internet, or websites that cover it glad I found this site 🙂

    I got wet from reading these accounts, particularly the one by your friend Chloe.

    Did you ever manage to have a session with her 15 year old son? Either then or later?

    I’ve never considered sex with a dog, but I have to confess I’m thinking about it now. Mmm…

    1. Yes, I did play with Chloe’s son and it was lots of fun (for both of us). I quite enjoy being the teacher. And can tell you more about the dog experience if you’re interested. Have you got into some stuff after reading my stories?

    2. i really wish a woman like you lived near me and was comfortable telling me that you would like to try sex with a dog, i would be happy to be with a woman like you and we could enjoy the experiences together when i was a young boy my dog brandy used to lick my penis and i uesed to really enjoy it how i miss those days and my dog brandy, never had a dog since and i have never met a girl who has loved her dog or at least not one that has been open enough to tell me about it

      1. It’s far more common than people think and has been around forever. Most people are very reluctant to admit or even discuss it and, of course, being illegal in most jurisdictions doesn’t help.

  5. I'm not sure I should share, but I guess I will.
    First I'm a 60 year old man and I have never had sex with my daughter, but I want to for several reasons. The first is I find her to be extremely sexy and attractive, she also has beautiful big breasts which I have the hardest time not looking at.
    The problem I'm having is that she's accused me of doing things to her when she was young that I never did. Sadly she is an alcoholic and I think she's taking things in her head and embellishing them.
    So when she gets extremely drunk which is quite often, she starts going on about how I supposedly molested her when she was young. Like I said, I've never touched her sexually ever. But she swears that I fondled her and showed her my penis when she was young. I do remember the time she's talking about, but had happened was I had taken a shower in the morning and didn't realize she had slipped into my bed while I was in the shower. When I walked into my room all I had around me was a towel, when I got to the bed I took the towel off and obviously I was naked. She then opened her eyes saw me naked and immediately jumped off the bed startling me.
    She walked out of the room while I was still naked and now claims I intentionally exposed myself to her.
    Here's the thing though, being the Snoop I am I found out that she loves reading daddy daughter incest stories. Not only does she read father daughter incest stories, I was able to get into one of her emails and found that she had set up some father-daughter role plays with men my age. Of course this leaves me frustrated cuz I want to have sex with her, but she's so standoffish and sometimes that I don't know what to do. For those who have enjoyed an incestuous relationship with their fathers and advice?

    1. I would have to say that you are flirting with danger here. While your daughter might have secret incest fantasies, any attempt on your part to turn them into reality, whether successful or not, could expose you to charges that could lead to jail time. Whether or not the interaction was consensual. Especially if, while under the influence of alcohol, she confides in someone else who persuades her that she has been abused. Which, according to the law, would be true.

      My advice would be to join a sex dating site and, in your profile, advertise for a girl interested in a Daddy/daughter role play. There’s nothing illegal about role play. Find a girl who’s turned on by the idea and will enter into the role enthusiastically.

      Good luck with it!

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