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Teachers Pet

Teachers Pet Front Cover X-Rated 400

Teachers Pet (not Teacher's Pet, the meaning is different) is my autobiography.

But not so much the boring, day-to-day stuff.

My life has been, as I say, a sexual odyssey and I want to tell you all about it.

Starting when I was just 8, playing with my 12 year old cousin. It was a great introduction to sex and how much fun was to be had from the delicious difference between boys and girls.

It continued when my uncle introduced adult style sex to my hormone filled 11 year old self. As with my cousin, there was no coercion, no guilt and no regrets.

I've had love affairs with men and women, of legal age and not so much.

I've experimented with BDSM, bestiality and group sex.

But my autobiography isn't all about sex, though it is the linking narrative. I've included other experiences that I thought were instructive or just plain funny. Many typical of a bygone era, but unknown to today's youth.

Teachers Pet will end up being a full-length novel, available as both a Kindle version and a paperback, but I'm starting off by publishing individual chapters on Amazon.

Chapters 1 to 5 are now available as a series and you can get them from Amazon HERE.

Because of the erotic nature of the content, Amazon won't allow me to advertise on their platform, which means that I really need independent sales and reviews to get some traction.

So here's the deal:

If you'll use the above link to go to Amazon, buy Chapters 1 to 5 and then give each one an honest review, I will give you a signed copy of the paperback when it's published, delivered as a downloadable PDF.

To sign up for this deal, please complete your details below, including the date you purchased the Teachers Pet Chapters 1 to 5 Series.

And please remember to leave your star rating and review on Amazon after reading. 

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