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Brotherly Love Too Hot for Amazon?

By Evie

March 4, 2021

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Teachers Pet Chapter 6: Brotherly Love

Teachers Pet Front Cover Chapter 6

Amazon will not publish Teachers Pet Chapter 6: Brotherly Love.


Here's the email I got from Amazon:


We're contacting you regarding the following title:

 Teachers Pet Chapter 6: one teacher's sexual odyssey: one teacher's sexual odyssey  -40139291

We’ve confirmed that your book contains content that is in violation of our content guidelines and we will not be offering this title for sale on Amazon. As stated in our guidelines, we reserve the right to determine what we consider to be appropriate, which includes cover images and content within the book.

If you wish to re-publish your book  with content that meets our guidelines, it will need to be submitted as an entirely new book and go through our standard review process. Previous customer reviews, tags, and sales rank information are not transferable because the title will essentially be a different product.

Our content guidelines are published on the KDP website.

To learn more, please see:

We appreciate your understanding.


Amazon Content Review Team

If you check out their content guidelines, it lists a heap of things that can get you banned, from breach of copyright to encouraging terrorism, but nothing specifically relating to sexual content. In fact, elsewhere Amazon specifically states that they don't set themselves up as a moral censor.

So I emailed back asking them to tell me specifically what guideline they believed I was in breach of.

I got exactly the same boilerplate response back!

This happened two more times! In each case, the same response.

So either they don't actually read the emails and they just trigger an automatic response or the support person has no way of finding out what the actual issue is or can't be bothered finding out. It's just much easier to trigger a standard response.

Here's What I Think

And it's a sad reflection on our society's attitudes.

Teachers Pet Chapter 6: Brotherly Love is all about the sexual relationship that developed between me and my younger (by three years) brother Jamie.

The problem is that it was a mutual, loving and satisfying relationship.

Neither of us was coerced, we don't regret it and we haven't needed years of therapy to overcome our guilt. Because we don't have any.

Jamie even asked me to give him his first pegging experience because he hadn't yet met a girl he trusted enough. But he trusted his sister!

That doesn't fit the popular narrative for incest.

It's always one sibling coercing, or even forcing the other, usually as children, resulting in trauma requiring years of (expensive) counselling and an inability to even look at each other at family reunions.

Well, ours wasn't like that. Sorry to disappoint.

Would You Like to Read It?

If so, let me know in the comments below and I'll email you a PDF copy of Teachers Pet Chapter 6: Brotherly Love.


In September 2021, I made a couple of minor changes to the contents (nothing that affected the story line) resubmitted it to Amazon and it was published with no issues. Go figure.

You can see the book on Amazon HERE.

About the author

I was the Head of English at a prestigious private school in a capital city in Australia. I have been a teacher all my working life but took an early retirement at fifty. I have one son and two daughters. My son and one of my daughters are happily married and my younger daughter is in a stable relationship with her girlfriend following several temporary ones over the past few years. I have grandchildren.

My children think I am boring. I think my students admired me, perhaps some of them even loved me. They thought I was unadventurous.

My fellow teachers thought I was safe, dependable and conservative. Possibly sexless.

I am none of these things. I have done so much that my children, my students and my co-workers could not possibly imagine me capable of. I look at my children and think what safe, boring lives you have had. I cannot tell them what their mother has done with her life, but I don’t want to die with no record of it, as if it had never happened.

Sometimes I think I’m like that old lady in Titanic. You know, the one who turns out to have been Kate Winslett when she was young.

This is my story.

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