Chapter 6: Brotherly Love

Teachers Pet Front Cover New Chapter 6

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Evie loves her little brother Jamie and he loves her back. (Actually, he lovers her front too.)

At 28 and 25 respectively, they have developed a close, loving and, by definition, incestuous sexual relationship.

It actually started way back, when Evie was eight and Jamie was five.

Evie and her older cousin Mike had started out with a typical kid's "you show me yours and I'll show you mine", which had evolved, as it often does, into sexual experimentation.

One of the things that Evie had developed a taste for was sucking on Mike's penis. But Mike wasn't always around and so she had substituted her little brother. Jamie thoroughly enjoyed having his little but nonetheless erect penis sucked and Evie figured that, at five, he wouldn't remember it when he was older.

That turned out not to be so.

Twenty years later, Evie is sharing a drink with Jamie at his place when he reveals that he does remember and was devastated when she stopped.

Evie's marriage is breaking down, with her husband avoiding sex with her and continually away on business trips with his personal assistant.

The conversation with Jamie progresses amid mounting sexual tension, until Jamie asks his sister to suck his cock again.

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