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Chapter 1: The Beginning of an Affair

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This is Chapter 1 of my autobiography and it's titled The Beginning of an Affair. Click on the book cover to purchase from Amazon.

Although I started enjoying sex from a very young age (as you'll find out if you read more of these chapters) by the age of thirty I was an old married lady.

I’d been married to Dan for just on eight years when I started my affair with Adam. I guess it’s true what they say about the seven year itch. It just took me an extra year between getting the itch and deciding to scratch it.
It’s 1984 and I’ve just turned thirty. I’m juggling a full-time teaching job with raising three children. The sexual adventures of my youth seem like a distant dream.

My older brother was married to Adam’s younger sister, so he was my brother’s brother-in-law. I used to introduce him as my brother-in-law once removed, though I don’t believe there’s any such thing officially. I used to say not removed enough, because I didn’t take to him on first meeting. I thought he was rude, arrogant and full of himself.

Adam had been calling in at my place in the evening to deliver a newspaper for me while Dan was overseas on business. He had just told me a joke and was on his way out. It was an eerie, foggy night with neighbors' lights twinkling in the distance. It was like we were alone in the world.

My heart started to thump wildly a fraction of a second before Adam turned and kissed me.

Tentatively at first. But then I opened my mouth and responded. There was no thinking involved. Just mindless passion.
We stood there, tongues exploring each other’s mouths, bodies pressed tightly together, finally satisfying our pent-up lust.
I could feel Adam’s hard cock pressing against me.

And I was so, so wet. If I’d been sitting on a chair, I could have slid off it.

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