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Launching My Book

By Evie

January 29, 2021

Teachers Pet Front Cover X-Rated 400

I'm really, really excited about launching my autobiography.

I've been working on it for some time now, leaving it for a while and then coming back to it.

But a few days ago, I made a decision.

Rather than wait until the whole book is finished before publishing it, I decided to publish one low-priced chapter at a time.

So I've just submitted Chapter 1 to Amazon Kindle and am anxiously waiting to see if it's accepted. I just hope it's not rejected as being too, well, rude.

Actually, Chapter 1 is pretty mild. It's other chapters further on in the book that I could have some trouble with.

In principle, I'm totally anti censorship and I hope that Amazon is too.

There are a few reasons for publishing one chapter at a time.

  1.  I'll find out if there's any interest in my sexual odyssey.
  2.  If there is, I can start earning a small income immediately, rather than having to wait until the entire book is completed.
  3.  There are some chapters that haven't been written yet. This will force me to write them so that they can be published now and then fold them back into the complete book. This should get the book finished much more quickly.
About the author

I was the Head of English at a prestigious private school in a capital city in Australia. I have been a teacher all my working life but took an early retirement at fifty. I have one son and two daughters. My son and one of my daughters are happily married and my younger daughter is in a stable relationship with her girlfriend following several temporary ones over the past few years. I have grandchildren.

My children think I am boring. I think my students admired me, perhaps some of them even loved me. They thought I was unadventurous.

My fellow teachers thought I was safe, dependable and conservative. Possibly sexless.

I am none of these things. I have done so much that my children, my students and my co-workers could not possibly imagine me capable of. I look at my children and think what safe, boring lives you have had. I cannot tell them what their mother has done with her life, but I don’t want to die with no record of it, as if it had never happened.

Sometimes I think I’m like that old lady in Titanic. You know, the one who turns out to have been Kate Winslett when she was young.

This is my story.

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